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False callouts force Scottish fire chiefs to take action
Fire chiefs in the Perthshire region of Scotland have been forced to take action in an attempt to reduce the number of false alarm callouts they currently receive. A recent report highlighted the issues the Perthshire Fire Service have to deal with, recording almost 300 false alarm callouts between October and December of 2015, taking the overall amount of false calls received throughout the year to 1,137.

Totalling almost £2,000 to answer a call-out, these false alarms have cost the service and the taxpayer more than £11 million over the past five years. In a bid to reduce the problem, fire chiefs have reached out to a variety of businesses in the region, including the likes of hospitals and hotels, offering advice on how to avoid making avoidable emergency calls.

This issue isn’t one the Perthshire service struggle with alone, and a number of similar schemes have been launched by fire services around the UK, with the majority of false alarms coming for faults that could have easily been avoided.

From cleaning dust from detection systems to removing air fresheners and resolving faulty sensors, businesses in Perthshire have now been offered some simple steps that the fire service and the local council are hoping lessens false alarms.

Perth City Centre councillor Peter Barrett said: “The service deals with a five-year average of around 300 UFAS every quarter, with the vast majority of these coming from larger premises. It is important for the owners and operators to maintain their alarm systems properly.

“These systems can be complex but basic housekeeping to keep detectors dust free can make a significant reduction in UFAS.”

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